the second is first

Everyone wants to be first. First and better. The power owned by the ones standing in the upper hierarchy.

They want to be acknowledged as the best, they take pride in what they do and show that to the world.

In doing so they are guided by something deep that doesn’t belong to the work they are doing. It’s the ego, the desire to be the best.

After those people, there’s the second place. Those who are good, great, but don’t want to be at the top. They could if they had the intention, but prefer to stay hidden, to not shed light on their work.

They are humble, silent people that each and every day do not their job diligently, make the difference and show how it’s possible to drive the world without ego. They are not interested in winning but in doing good work.

They care about the result, not the power.

Who’s first then?

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