who gets to decide your schedule

When you’re watching conventional TV the schedule broadcast it’s already prepared. This means that they get to decide when you go to bed, how much you’ll stay up late.

When you’ll wake up and what you’ll be entertained with during lunch.
On netflix it’s their job to keep you up and watching as much as possible, so, while you _feel_ in control, you really aren’t unless you’re stopping an episode midway so that you break the binge watching addiction.

Those are some of the reason why it’s hard keeping a schedule. The entire world around you wants to schedule your day, not only corporations, think individuals that create meetings for you without asking if you’re available, think customer support reps that call you when they want.

When feeling lost about how you use your time, think about for a second how much value and dedication you put into listening the first voice of the people that wanted to schedule your day: You.

Chances are, you didn’t put that voice into perspective. You didn’t value it, although you clearly should have, that’s why, next time, it might be worth remembering that when everything is pressing the most important voice to listen when it comes to scheduling your day, is the one and only voice you hear in your mind. You.

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