your mind defines you

We’re tricked all the time. Manipulated all the time.

Words can recall memories we didn’t want to remember. People can say things that we misunderstand, causing anger, rage, etc.

We think we’re in control but we’re often guided by emotions ignited by others in our unconscious mind. That’s why our mind is our most precious ally and worst enemy.

It can be both, and we’re not really in control unless we start looking at it each and every day, understanding where it comes from etc.

Because if you say frequently: “I can’t do it”, then it’s right: you can’t.

But not because it’s not possible for you. But because you are defining yourself, asserting who you are and what you’re capable of.
And no, this is not your self-help talk. I’m not saying that if you believe it you can do it. No. I’m saying that there are studies that show how letting people READ words related to old people made them walk slowly without them even realizing it.

Your mind defines you even if you are not aware. You can’t control it, so the only other way is to become more aware to get back on track.

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