how much will you stand for what you believe in?

It’s not a matter of believing in something.
You can believe many things, but only a handful of those deserve the right to fight, to stand up and protect our vision.

It’s all about knowing which are the battle you want to be in.
If there are none, it means your thoughts are meaningless, powerless, because no matter what you say or think, you won’t stand for it.

But if you have some ideas you’d like to protect, are you gonna accept a compromise?
Are you gonna permit an exception to the rule?

It seems riskless, a sane thing to do, but what you’re doing by allowing it is to reduce the value of what you believe in.
If you can settle for less today, you can settle for even less tomorrow.
It’s not a matter of when anymore, it’s a matter of how much.

Afterall beliefs are much like habits. The more you protect them, the more they last.

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