let’s talk about death

What does death means? 

For a child it means losing part of a habit, part of a life. There is no big emotional luggage if you’re small, there’s something more if you’re a teenager.

The hard part of death is filling the void.
We know it’s big, we don’t know how to replaced but eventually it’ll happen.

What seems impossible in the beginning becomes possible in the long run.
And even if this is a reminder that we can fill any void left, a sarcastic reminder of how we can ignore any pain in our life, it’s also a strong reminder that anything is possible. That even the biggest trial can be surpassed, that even the biggest mountain can be climbed even if we think it’s impossible.

Because death, for the people that continue to live, is like that: Believing you can’t do something, and do it without realizing it. It’s drawing the fine line between the illusion our mind create, and the reality our life encounter.

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