give us a plan

One of the hardest thing about working is doing some work without a plan.
I think it all relates to the fact that, as human, we need a bigger plan, a goal, a vision.
Without a plan even the smallest, easiest task, seems useless, pointless, worthless.

A plan not only gives people hope for the future, it gives them perspective of what will happen and how to contribute. A structured plan is a great signal that the boat you’re in has sailed to reach an island, you’re aware of the travel and all the perils, but at the same time you can help the crew reaching the final destination.

A plan is effective in so many ways it seems absurd to not have one, yet we do avoid a plan from time to time when we’re drowned in our daily life, when the complexity of the tasks we’re devoted to seems too much for us. In those situations we let go, we surrender, we avoid the plan.

And to be honest, a good plan would be the only way to help us.

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