we don’t know what’s right

A dear friend came to me few days ago with an idea that I found uninteresting.
He wanted to create a new podcast about his life, or part of his life and I thought: “Well, it’s not that great”.

Then I stopped thinking about it. If it was for me many of the youtube streaming live channels will close, twitch wouldn’t exists and many podcast will close.

And if I look back and check the people who started it all, the first podcaster, the first vloggers, I couldn’t possibly imagine their future up until now.

This is a fact: Nobody can foresee a future and nobody will now for sure if an idea will sell. It’s not only the idea, it’s the execution, is the passion, it’s a sum of elements that cannot be summarized by the idea itself.

How will he talk in the podcast? Which stories of his life will he choose? To me “My life” is about the boring things but I know that many vloggers started doing their job by filming boring things and yet they got an immense audience. How was that possible?

It was possible because there are relatable-niches that are yet to be discovered and that we don’t know nothing about.
Your idea might seem trash to _a lot_ of people, yet it might be successful. Not because of the idea itself, but because of the sum of the factors. Your style, your stories, they all sum up. And if you got the right setup you might succeed.

We don’t know what’s right. We don’t know what will succeed or not. We can presume things based on some testing, but if we’re going to do something visionary, extravagant, out of the ordinary, then there’s no way we can know the outcome.

Therefore there’s only one thing to do: To let people try. Because unless we’re a field expert, unless we know exactly what’s happening, unless we are the perfect target, unless the idea is truly the worst idea of the world, well, unless all these things it might work.

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