we’ve got the same problems

When you’re a child you always think that you will be different. That you want fall for the same tricks as your parents, that you will choose a different route.

Throughout our lives we strongly think about this, we believe in this.
One point we might miss is that we are presented with the same exact choices as our parents.

Not only that, we are presented with the same exact choices as any person in the upper chain of command, our bosses.

While we grow, both in age and experience, we face some similar experience as the people who came before us. The problems are the same and we are deeply charmed by the old solution, the one we saw as kids or as employee.

They feel easy. All of a sudden we forget all that rage and hate.
There’s a reason why some streets are less beaten. They’re harder to walk, it’s harder to get to the end.

In any crossroad we’re faced with the same old question: Will I do the same?
Or will I choose something different?

It’s hard because choosing something different means leaping towards the unknown. It’s hard because while you know the outcome of one choice, you don’t know anything about the other choice.

That’s why some choices are easy and some are hard. That’s why history repeats itself many many times and only a handful of people can be remembered for doing something different.

They too were confronted with the same old crossroad, the same old choice.
But they deliberately choose the less beaten path.

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