It looks like a failure until it’s not

Today I decided to re-add some silicone to my bath, there were some angles that got mold too easily and I wanted to reinforce them.

I bought a tool that should ease things out so I started applying it. Line by line, row by row in my shower.

The result was… a mess. I’m not an expert but wanted to try anyway. I realized after doing the work that the applied given with this silicone paste was not ideal and I spread some of it over the shower walls.

The look was terrifying, but I thought “I can’t leave it like this”. So I started removing the excess for quite a long time until I decided to give up and let it harden a little bit, in the hopes of an easier removal.

I remember thinking “I did a mistake, it’ll leave the bathroom like shit forever”.

On the second round it was still a mess but removal was easier, while I was removing it I realized that there was hope.

On the third round the shower looked almost normal. Not quite right but not so bad either.

Tomorrow I’ll do the last round, but this reminded me of how miserable is a success when you look early, how distant the mountains are when you start trekking, how hard something is, so hard it seems impossible, until you do it.

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