Change is hard for one good reason

There’s a reason why change is hard.

Real change goes to the roots, it requires being in the midst of the war, it requires responsibility.

Real change doesn’t start with what you did wrong, but what I did wrong, what I could do better.

Real change is not pointing fingers to others, it’s an understanding that the real change cannot be prosecuted by outsourcing the problems, no. We are the problem and as such we should look first at what we did wrong.

Real change is hard because it behaves like a chain of command. Even if the lower soldier in command has made an error, it’s the higher chain that should be considered responsible.

Until you accept this, until you put yourself in the midst of the battle, under the lights of judgement and with the understanding that the first thing to change is you, until this you won’t have a real change, only a fake one.

It might last a while, but it won’t last forever.

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