Be prepared yet accept detours

I was with my wife at a seminar for moms to be. The nurse was asking questions to each father to know what were our expectations, our dreams, our fears.

I was one of the last in line. I was prepared with a nice answer, but she let me say only the first part, then she stopped me and asked me a question that was outside of what I expected.

My ego was a little depressed because it lost the opportunity to show up, but that’s the whole point: Being prepared, studying for something, is only a part of the job.
If we get attached to the outcome or even to the time spent working for it, we’ll be disappointed by the events.

What we must do is prepare for the worst and accept what’s to come. Because ego will be always there, trying to lure us into thinking that expressing is a right idea, but no: We should learn to mix our ideas into the world, flow with it.

Not because we want to hide ego, not because we want to avoid confrontation or to be assertive.
No, because ego can only add value to itself. If we are stuck to our idea it means ego is in the way, it means we can’t grow that idea anymore because we’re not willing to change.

Ego is a chance to learn how let go, how to accept detours and enjoy them.

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