Being a father

Being a father changes everything. It changes how you view the world. Things that before looked uninteresting, like the smile of a child now they’re nuggets of gold.
It changes you because it enables a zen mentality.

As a developer I’m inclined to find and fix bugs, bad behaviors, errors.
But the behavior of a newborn child is not the result of an issue.
If they cry there’s a reason, and even if they cry just to have your attention, you can’t blame them.

They’re not doing it just to make you sleep deprived. So there’s no way you can be angry at them. It’s this. This sort of mentality.
The fact that, whatever you’re gonna miss, you’ll handle that.

If you get less sleep, it’ll be fine. Everything will be fine.
They fine tune your senses, and show that what seemed important before it’s not as important now.

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