a shady action will always be shady

I am an optimistic person when it comes to trusting others. I always image there is a good reason for their actions and that they are moved by something they care about.

That’s why I always make mistakes when it comes to do shady things based on fear. I don’t usually do them by instinct, but if someone is asking for help and the shady thing to do is a honest one, I might join the cause.

In the end though, I always do some mistakes. I am a rookie at this, and will always pay for my mistakes. It’s the price to pay to take responsibility for what you do and I’m ok with that.
Each one of these errors, these missteps, have always taught me one thing.

Better to be fooled than to fool. Because I know that any scar on me can be cured, but the people I interact with might not be that lucky.

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