invisible work

Lately I’m mostly connecting the dots between people and it’s quite hard to measure and most importantly value my work.

It was easy when I was developing things, because organizing that kind of work is clearly visible.

But how can we value the invisible work?
And most importantly, how can we value the improvements over this kind of work?

I’m battled because I feel like this is entirely the result of soft skill, which directly means I’m not actually improving over other topics.

One might argue: Well, if you produce money, what’s the problem?
Well, to me the whole point is also to make something meaningful, also by abstracting from the developer mind I need to force myself to develop in the free time to keep my mind trained.

Also, a soft skill cannot be sold, while other things could, and that is a clear shortcoming isn’t it.

So, would that be valuable or not? hard to say right now

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