you can’t hide

One thing we learn as kids is that, from time to time, we can do something wrong, but have no one actually noticing it.

We can get away with it if we can hide the evidence, the proof, then you’re fine.

It’s a toxic mindset that follows us through a big part of our life.
Each time we do something wrong, we still have that lingering thought, that hope that, if we do all the things in the correct order, we might still get away with it, we might avoid the confrontation, the public failure.

We fall for this trick. It’s so easy and so relieving to not be blamed or faulty, to actually be on the winner side.

Until we get exposed, until someone finds out.

The thing is: We cannot really hide. We can try, and we might win some of the battles, but in the end there will be always someone that finds our trick.

So, better be prepared, take full responsibility and stand up for what we believe in.
We might be wrong, we might do something in a bad way for good reasons, and yet we should take full responsibility for that.

The underlying issue with the child that’s thinking “I should hide the evidence” is that, if the evidence gets out, we’re less good, we’re less skilled, we lose something.

It’s actually the opposite. It’s when we hide and get exposed that we lose something very important: Credibility and trust. Two things we should fight for.

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