nuances of a job

Did you ever though “It’s not my job, I shouldn’t do this” during your job?

The conflicting battle inside your head to determine: Is it worth it? Should you continue or not?

When this happens it’s usually caused by three reasons

1. You don’t want to do it (because you’re frustrated or other things)
2. It’s out of your responsabilities
3. Someone else should do it

When it’s worth it then?
There are times when it’s ok to rebel and don’t do it. Those times help people who should take ownership of the problem realize there’s an area that’s not covered, an area no one is caring about.

The times when you should really do it are when it burdens your team if you say no.

Those are the times when it’s critical to _not_ hold the line. Your team should always come first because if you fail, if they fail, we’re all going to fail.
It’s often counterintuitive because we tend to think about “Others”. What “they” should do. Knowing that hinders our thoughts because we related to the problem. We are working hard and _they are not_.

Nonetheless it’s important to protect our work, not as individuals but as a group, because the things we can accomplish as a group are much greater than the one we can accomplish alone.

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