it’s time to make the call

I often encounter complex situations when the Owner of a product can’t decide which way to go.

It’s hard, it’s complex, because there are so many variables, so many inputs to consider, so many outcomes.

At the end of the day, though, someone’s got to make the call and decide which one is the way to go.
Freezing everything in the hope that the world, destiny or simply luck will make it clearer it’s not a useful strategy.

Why? There are many cases when waiting doesn’t give a definite solution. Unless we know that the answer will come on a specific date, the it’s hard to predict what to do and there’s only one person who should do it. The owner of the product.
She’s the key to unlocking every single decision, otherwise no one else will have the courage to step it.

“But I don’t have enough X, how can I do it?”
Ask for it, ask for help, and if it’s impossible, make it clear you’re choosing based on what you got, that you might be wrong, but waiting might be even more expensive than choosing the wrong way.

We need more courage. Courage to fail, to test, to experiment, to push the boundaries and go the extra mile.
Too often we’re being paralyzed by useless fears, many of which could be neutralized if we only considered how much worse will it be if we don’t do nothing.

Doing nothing has a price to pay, the only advantage is that it’s not paid instantly. You pay it when it’s too late, so better be ready.

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