we should be honest on what we care about

There will be hard times, there will be a hard moment, we will fail. But if we’re honest with others about our story, about what we believe, what we hope, then we can communicate.

It’s only through communication that we can change something. It’s by playing with our cards clearly visible that others can chime in and help us.

If we hide, if we don’t show what we have, then we’ll be alone.
Our strength is not infinite, we will be tired, we’ll give up.

“Oh, but if I let them see my cards they’ll betray me”.
It’ll happen anyway. People have always betrayed, cheated. It’s not new. There will be ego, there will be someone that’ll abuse their position.

Knowing or not knowing won’t change their ego nor their interests. They will betray, but you’ll live with much more honesty, and knowing that you did your best, no shadows will be casted upon your actions.

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