Impact of a voice

Before the pandemic we’d be always fascinated by the people that, when they entered the meeting room, changed the room’s mood with their presence.

That required a lot of body language, a masterful crafting of words and intentions.
Those people were rare.

Today we’ve been confined to online meetings and one thing is sure, the remote call removes part of the body language importance.
It’s still there, but since you’re showing less of it it’s less important.

Today you can even set a different speed for the conversation with a simple tool: Your voice.

Like no other time in the past we have this unique window where we can make an impact by giving people our sound and our full attention.
These two elements can drastically change how we are perceived by others during a call and we can influence the other participants so much that it would be foolish to ignore this.

We’re flooded by low speaking, dull sounding, boring voices.
We can speak up, light the room, make a difference, today, and be the one making a difference.

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