social network tricks

One of the main issue I generally have with social networks is that their goal is to rob you of your time.

They want your focus, to keep you in their system, and they create artificial “nice things to do” for you.

One example: birthdays/anniversaries.
You would have loved congratulating with someone on their birthday, call them, hear how it’s going, etc.
Now, though, they invite you to say something nice for a birthday.
Why would you need this? Didn’t you already know the birthdays of your closest friends?

You do, right? Or at least for the ones you care for the most.
This way social networks can create a net that has two goals.

  1. Keep you in their system again
  2. giving you some kind of positive reinforcement/gift for using them (while they robbed you of so much time for other reasons).

Are all social networks bad? Of course not, can they be harmful to us? Of course yes, and it’s up to us to see the patterns some socials use to control us.

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