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  • let the new things surround you

    I decided to take a look at the “I am not your guru” documentary of Tony Robbins out of curiosity and I was both impressed and reassured. Impressed by his ability to craft such experience for an enormous group of people, but more importantly watching it reminded me of how it is important to “dive” […]

  • kids trajectory

    When we’re kids, we dream big. “I want to be an astronaut”, we say.Those are words, but there are some inclinations that we have when we are kids.Skills, one might say, that we didn’t build per se, but that we always owned. Traits.Are those traits still with you? I’m not talking about passions you inherit […]

  • on black swans

    I’ve always been fascinated by the people who are certain of the future. They know which outcome will happen thanks to an action. I was never like this. In my entire life I always guessed the outcome and even if I was often right I was never one of those people who was sure that their […]

  • fake rage, true joy

    I’ve been on stage quite some times in the past​, mostly for improv shows. I remember the thrill before stepping onto the stage, the pressure and the excitement when we played all together. Improv teaches you how to handle the unexpected and enjoy the process. To me it was very stimulating, a creative process, and […]

  • we’re iterative, and we can choose.

    Last night I dreamed a strange dream, there were like 6-8 people in a room and we were coached by a friend. She split us in group of two people and asked us to mix. While doing so she also mixed some liquids (she was mixing liquid CO2 with something else, but never mind that). […]

  • split society

    During the pandemic I often wore a mask even if it was not required and some times I wore it even if I knew that mask wouldn’t protect me at all (since it wasn’t a FFP2). Why wear it at all? I thought a lot about it and thought how our body send messages to […]

  • immutable stories

    A friend of mine always talks about this entrepreneur as if people somewhat misinterpreted him. As if his story and life were often made more interesting, but, after all, he’s just a normal man. He told this story once to my mother-in-law and from then on the story, for her, didn’t change. How could after […]

  • what’s in a job role

    What’s in a job role? What does a job role means to you? A role is your work. Your daily job, what you do for 8 hours a day. For many people a role defines themselves. In fact it’s a way to define not only your status but also your competences and skill. If you […]