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  • labels

    Labels help us identify things. When you buy something you use the label to understand what’s inside, how it’s made, where it’s from. It’s no wonder that we are used to labels not only in a supermarket but in the real life. As in real life, though, you cannot trust labels. They’re an indication. They […]

  • every day is different

    One thing I’ve recently learned in my workouts is that the rep number you hit on one day, might not be possible on other days. Stress, fatigue, sleep deficit and life in general might get in the way. And when you hit that new goal you might’ve had the perfect state of mind and body, […]

  • predictable=boring?

    We might be fooled into thinking that when life is predictable it gets boring. But predictability has its pros, one of which is the ability to handle chaos, unpredictable things, because you are prepared, ready for them, your mind clean, and you know how to use your time. This needs to be adaptable, to learn […]

  • should all the weaknesses be addressed?

    You can be talking about software, or even about yourself, but the question would still matter. It’s rare to have something perfect, a software that has no flaws, no limits. I’d say almost impossible. So what do you do? Do you plan to follow up your competitors on the feature they are strong, or empower […]

  • all about people

    Today I was checking some headline news of a news website and I noticed that an entire block of it was all about people. Titles like ” imitates her mother, : ‘it never happened before’”.I get that this is entertainment that titles like these appeal to a specific audience I’m not part of.On the other […]

  • defining urgency

    Everything can look important until it’s not.  All of our actions, needs, both in life and work can have some sense of urgency. But is that real? Will that urgency actually have consequences we care about?And even if there are some consequences, how do they stack up against the rest? Years ago, while looking at an […]

  • what is freedom, anyway?

    After having a child, some people start feeling they’re not “free anymore”.As if they’re trapped somewhere they can’t escape. Freedom, as many other things, is partly a state of mind. It’s the gap between what I want to do and what I actually do.Note the fact that I’m saying “what I actually do” and not […]

  • embrace the boredom

    Embrace the boredom, the imperfections, the time when you are terrible at doing things. Embrace it because it’s part of life, embrace it because making it perfect won’t make it real. Embrace it because you will start to learn how to cope with that feeling and be comfortable with it. Not because life should be […]

  • never-ending learning

    Where do you place yourself in a scale of learning? How frequent you like to learn?Do you like to realize that you still have a long way to go before achieving some mastery in a skill? Learning is not optional. We continuously learn something, from life, from work, from friendships.There is an infinite game and you […]

  • taking full responsibility

    It’s hard to look at the recent layoffs (Microsoft, Google, etc) and not think about the many times the phrase “I take full responsibility for this” has been said. A while ago I watched a Simon Sinek video where he would explain how, in modern culture, it’s ok to layoff people to make the numbers […]