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  • regaining lost focus

    Recently, I started getting into meditation again. One of the surprising things about meditating is the number of failures you can have during a meditation. Basically, even if your goal is to only stay still and not think, you’ll fail. It’s a never-ending failure, yet it’s the practice that you need. Usually when we fail […]

  • are we becoming distracted?

    Lately I’m wondering if, by any chance, I have ADD or not. I realized I find hard to focus in some moments and I got to this conclusion also thanks to some people that I know that are affected and greatly benefitted from medication. But I’m, wondering: Is this also a result of our lifestyle? Of our […]

  • making space for growth

    When we talk about growth we might instinctively think of “another thing to learn”. That happened to me quite a few times.  It would also be true, but adding things to our todo list isn’t a very efficient way to grow because, what usually happens, is that we tend to never reach the end, or […]

  • we’re an iteration

    We should constantly strive to iterate, to make a small step in front of the other, to change. Slowly but profoundly. Change would happen anyway, after all.  Our environment changes us every day, making us more sick or more happy.  A stressing work might change you, making you harsher, more reactive to news than you’ve […]

  • accepting the limits

    I’ve recently finished listening to 4000 weeks by Oliver Burkeman and it’s hard to shake off the feeling I got from the book. First off: I didn’t expect to actually like the book. It felt like the classic book with information on how to live/manage time that I could’ve gotten already. That wasn’t the case though.  It […]

  • a broken expectation

    It’s hard to not talk about what’s happening with Twitter, but aside from the facts, I think this story tell us something more on how we see leaders.  To me, this traces back to the idea that we want leaders to be indestructible, bold, strong. This single idea of strong, the idea that the leader […]

  • let the new things surround you

    I decided to take a look at the “I am not your guru” documentary of Tony Robbins out of curiosity and I was both impressed and reassured. Impressed by his ability to craft such experience for an enormous group of people, but more importantly watching it reminded me of how it is important to “dive” […]

  • kids trajectory

    When we’re kids, we dream big. “I want to be an astronaut”, we say.Those are words, but there are some inclinations that we have when we are kids.Skills, one might say, that we didn’t build per se, but that we always owned. Traits.Are those traits still with you? I’m not talking about passions you inherit […]

  • on black swans

    I’ve always been fascinated by the people who are certain of the future. They know which outcome will happen thanks to an action. I was never like this. In my entire life I always guessed the outcome and even if I was often right I was never one of those people who was sure that their […]

  • fake rage, true joy

    I’ve been on stage quite some times in the past​, mostly for improv shows. I remember the thrill before stepping onto the stage, the pressure and the excitement when we played all together. Improv teaches you how to handle the unexpected and enjoy the process. To me it was very stimulating, a creative process, and […]