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  • mapping a territory

    Whenever I learn something new I remember of Starcraft, an old strategy game for PC. There, the entire map was hidden to you and you didn’t have any idea of what was there until you started walking and exploring that part of the map. Once you explored it, then it would become part of the […]

  • boring

    We’ve all been there. We are bored while doing something. We would much rather prefer being somewhere else and doing something we enjoy.We live in the age of boredom, or maybe we live in the age of high entertainment. Notifications from your app, gamification in anything to create little addictions.  The boredom in some cases […]

  • only now

    I’m currently trying to live more in the now, this requires (for me) a strikingly high amount of attention and dedication because my mind will always try to move towards the past (things I’ve done) or the future (things I need to do). One of the side consequences of letting only the “now” in, is […]

  • what’s the use in trying?

    If you’ll ever start meditating, even a simple breath meditation, you might notice that you’re terrible at it. That you will fail constantly. What’s even the use in trying doing it if these are the results?As you’d expect, though, it’s normal to fail. As we do in many many areas of our life, the first […]

  • social FOMO

    FOMO = Fear of missing out. Did you ever thought “Oh, I wish I could speak like them, or be funny like them”.Some people in your circle might be better than you at something in the social part. It could be speaking, making other people happy, etc.Does it matter? Everyone is different, there is no […]

  • you’re different

    Everyone is different, that is a fact. We do also know that we all share some similarities, things that we can correlate between each other. The things we like, the way we think, the way we see the world.Most people have a similar alignment on these topics. Some do not, and it’s only by chance, […]

  • good ideas, bad ideas

    It’s not always sunny. There will be days when your mind is foggy, there will be days when your ideas won’t be special. We are not made to reach peak performance every day, to go to the extremes. Quite the opposite. The shallow days are a fundamental part of having great days because they give […]

  • control your attention

    Managing your attention might require time and effort, but it’s worth it.In an economy where attention is the new money and the goal is to steal your mind time, then being able to direct your attention correctly is not easy. It was never easy to begin with, but now, with the increasing technologies that ask […]

  • taking a stand

    You might get lost in the arguments, but there are times when taking a stand is important. “Have strong opinions, loosely held”, this is key, as it was said many times before. Be bold in your intentions, but kind towards others. Be open to different points of view and question the assumptions. And when you […]

  • “healthy” is everywhere

    You might be tempted to think that the word “healthy” applies only to food. But if you stop for a second and envision the meaning of what “health” is, it might be possible that you will see other ramifications of that meaning and where it applies. Once, in a gym, a coach told me: Exercise […]