a broken chain

I may have touched on this topic already in multiple articles, but since layoffs continue in our time, it’s worth discussing it again.

Whenever I look at all the announcements of layoffs I see perfectly crafted words to send a message that the company is healthy, that we’re doing it for the good, that we need to be sustainable, etc etc.

I get it, companies do need to make money and do need to be sustainable in the long run.
There’s only one thing missing here: Who owns the error? Those people were hired with a vision of the company in mind, with a goal.
That goal is now clearly broken, since companies are pivoting down their numbers.

I feel that part of the “problem” with seeing such frequent layoffs is that few, if any, have their CEO (or any other person) take responsibility for the changes. 

And by responsibility or ownership I’m indicating not only the fact of communicating the sadness of such hard choice, but also have some consequences to them. 

This would send the message that they’re all in this together, that the change will impact everyone on the chain of command, that there will be hard choices for everyone, that those people laid off are not just numbers.

If you read any layoff announcements, you might even feel inspired, they’re written in a perfect way, but I wish we could have a little more, go further, show the people that, aside from having the numbers add up correctly, we also do care about the people themselves and that they’re going through this change together.

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