One thing I recently realized (again) is the importance of meditation as a way to self-care and mental hygiene.

I started meditating every morning for a couple of months, and even though I mostly fail my meditation each day (meaning the goal of focusing on my breath for 30 minutes is not something I ever achieve), the benefits in the daily life have been extraordinary.

Now, why did I stop? How did I stop? Because if such a simple action can have this impact, why would anyone stop doing it?

To me, it’s the same as washing my teeth. Either we do have a habit in place, a structure that’s sustainable in life, or it doesn’t work, even if the benefits are so extraordinary.

We are still tricked into thinking that what we actually do in the day to day is more important, but the moments when we pause and take a breath, when we practice some self-care, are even more important, it’s just that we might not see them as such, or we might not prioritize them.

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