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  • may 2019 monthly checkup

    It was a while since I wrote another monthly checkup. Mostly because lately I partly lost some of my dedication to writing. But no, I didn’t give up. Let’s get back on track by looking at what may left me A beautiful job a jump into the dark who we are, what we stand for […]

  • april may june 2018 monthly checkup

    It’s been a hell of a ride till here, and I must admit one of the most terrible thing: Doing this (writing) as the last thing in my day has one tradeoff: if I’m in bad mood, I skip days. I tend to slack more and more. This months went up and down, maaany things […]

  • july 2017 monthly checkup

    What was this july? I’d say HOT 😀 but mostly because here in italy it really was. Aside from this it was a great month when my writing flow went well. I bought a small tablet to write from the bad, which makes it easier for me. Here some of the post I loved writing […]

  • june 2017 monthly checkup

    This june was a total renaissance for me and the writing, and what made it possible was also a bluetooth keyboard that allowed me to write from my phone when I’m in bed. This allow me to write as the last thing of the day and it’s a quite pleasant thing to do without an […]

  • april 2017 monthly checkup

    April this year is the start of living into a new home. We changed it after many many years living in the old one. There are, and there will be, struggles, comparison with other people, and I guess there’s a lot to learn from it. We all tend to compare, to measure life based not […]

  • january 2017 monthly checkup

    Wooo, looking back at january I’m sure to have slacked a lot. Thing is, I find myself quite inefficient when writing before going to bed. I need focus and attention and this often comes early in the morning, not later at night. That said january came along quite well. Me and my future wife are […]

  • october 2016 monthly checkup

    October was a nice month, maybe I started feeling a little “blue” again, mostly because of the fact that some parts of my day to day work needs improvements. I wonder if we ever get the chance to do a serious impact on what we do daily or if I’m daydreaming. That said, I skipped […]

  • september 2016 monthly checkup

    September was a strange month. I missed sooo many days, and the reason for this is that I was out sleeping and didn’t have my pc with me. This led to me not writing enough as I should. I can’t stop thinking about buying something like an iPad for this. It could be the solution […]

  • august 2016 monthly checkup

    August was indeed a good month. Me and my gf stopped for a moment the never-ending search for a house, and with that we also gained some relax. I was almost perfectly consistent in writing, missing maybe only couple of days, and, best of all, a dear friend of mine got married and his wedding […]

  • june 2016 monthly checkup

    June was a strange month, seriously. I got to be very unstable and forgot many days to write, sometimes I felt almost powerless and without any will. It was bad, honestly, but from all of this I learned a lot. I learned about patience and tenacity, I learned that even in the worst case scenario […]