the introvert and the world

Lately I’ve started reading “Quiet” by Susan Caine, and it’s such a refreshing experience to read something that doesn’t talk about the extrovert ideal.

I have been an admirer of the self-help world, having also written a small book on the subject, but then I learned also a lot from the experiences which didn’t involve the almighty ideal of the “man who can do everything”.

It’s so nice to see that this kind of view is shared among some other people and has also a book for it, I couldn’t possibly expect it.

The Extrovert Ideal is great, awesome.
Many people I know resemble this ideal, and usually society tends to reward them.
I consider myself to be partly extrovert, but can’t help thinking about how good is to be alone and take my time (not to stay away from other people, but to enjoy my silence and my entire perception of the world).

Many successful people around the world built their fortunes around Extroversion and Aggressive Behaviour (which doesn’t mean they were bad guys, just that their competivity was really high).
Are there successful introverts in this world?

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