the long road behind

One thing learned yesterday:
Always do something that leaves a trace

You will want to look back at your past not for gazing or dreaming, but to see your progressions.
When you start learning at first you’re goofy, you produce terrible results.
If you keep practicing you will eventually get better, but it will be a one step at a time result.

You might even hardly notice.
You might even think you didn’t progress at all.

That’s why tracking is important.
I don’t think we should track everything, because, seriously, we -as humans- are not designed to keep track of things.
It’s useless.

But we can do something that leaves a trace, this way it will be easier to track down what we’ve down.
This blog is something that leaves a trace and it’s a perfect example of “traceable thing”.

Anything that comes with a trace is something you want to do.
Everything that disappears in time is something you should think about it twice before doing it.

Because if it didn’t leave a trace, you might have dreamed it all.

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