seamless integration

Today I discovered that Flickr has finally updated its Mac Uploader, what a news!
Since the apple cloud photo announcement I looked at Flickr as an alternative solution, given the enormous amount of free space they offer.

What bothered me was that they weren’t integrating.
There wasn’t a way to upload all my library to the Flickr server unless using third party programs (Like Backup to Flickr for iPhoto, which has done a magnificent job).

But today the good news is that Flickr has moved into the right direction, automatic upload from the iPhoto storage, without even the need for a click.

This seamless integration is what keep user thriving to use webapps.

We all want bridges to be removed, we want apps that integrate into our daily life without requiring attention.
The easier, the better, because we are already flooded with information, and all we want is “The Dropbox way”.
Install and forget it, but know how to get it when you need it.

Seamless, that’s it.

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