listening to the world

I was coming back to the hotel today from work.

The road to the hotel here in Milan is a long street with 2 lines of trees in the center and many high building on the sides.
I was walking and I started watching the surroundings.

I remember a girl using a small wood stick to make noise while the mother covers her eyes with fatigue.
I remember a well dressed man walking in front of me, a small woman closing the car with something undefinable in her hand.

Then while I entered the hotel the two mens were talking about working, one tired and the other energetic.

All of this, in a small walk.

How many times have we ignored the world surrounding us?
Any time we time travel with our mind into the past or the future we lose the present.
It’s a common thing many people know already, but how many times do we actually make it right?

Trying it even once might change your day.

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