none of my business

You get this all the time:
At work someone writes you an email with a question that’s not your field of competence.

Well, you might know that Pete is the person who’s gonna help him, or you might know that’s better to ask John, but either way you decide to just say
“Sorry, I’m not the one doing this, send an email to the -insert generic email- group”.

That’s none of your business afterall, why would you even care?

Another example

This morning at the hotel a man had a credit card that wasn’t accepted, the man behind the desk was clearly annoyed, but the man was so sincere and honest it was difficult to misunderstand his intentions.

He was also from outside this country.

In the end the man behind the desk harshly replied to the customer and the customer went in search of an ATM.
Afterall it was not the employee’s business to help people have a working credit card, right?

But we have also been on the other side of the fence, didn’t we?
We were the ones with a broken card, or in search of the right person to write to, because, you know… we have work to be done like everyone else.

This kind of ping pong just renders all of this worst.
Everyone (myself first) should note this, and think about it next time a person comes asking for help.

It is our business to make this world better.
It is our business to help the other people.

We can ignore this, but you’ll know what price you have paid only few years from now.
The price is your character, the price is your surroundings, the price is the way people will think of you and will help you again when you need it, the price is the world you’ll left to your children.

In fact, the price is the world itself.

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