getting the most with the least is not easy, but it works

Sometimes all you need to kick off a project is the least.
A small change in your routine.

It might be just the device’s fault. You might be using an old pc and since it’s so old and slow you might delay what you have been planning.

It takes guts to recognize that.
Luckly we can fix it.

With a bit of thinking and self-thought you can discover what’s the hole in your life, the paralyzing venom.
To do that accept the fact that there will be holes in your life, and some of them can be quite fixable.

Arrange time, space and services to help you out.


Make time for your goals, start small, increase every day without filling your life


Choose a place, make it the place where you’ll create/work/whatsoever.


Need a pc? Buy it.

Need a new modem? Buy it.

Whatever you need, make it sure you have it.
If it does costs too much, scale down, replace it and schedule the money so one day you’ll buy it.

Then start.

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