is it better to respect our time or other peoples time?

I am always stuck with this question.

The answer is quite obvious: Our time should be more precious, mostly because it’s our life that we are talking about.

But I can’t stop thinking that we should respect other people’s time more.
Take this example: You’re commuting to work, but there’s a long queue.
Up ahead, in front of the queue there’s a worker guiding a small truck, going slowly because the truck itself is not allowed to go faster.

He is doing his job, he’s not doing any harm (aside from making you late), and lastly: he’s obeying the rules.

Everything is perfect aside from the fact that you are waiting for him and you can’t surpass it because it would be too risky.

It would probably take him less than 1 minute to move aside and flush the queue but it won’t be the case.

Asking again the first question about which time should be respected, does the answer comes so easily now?
I guess not.

Should the worker stop or should he put his work first? I would say his work, but when you’re in the queue (like I was) you wonder
If it does take so little so simplify other people lives why wouldn’t he do it?

I guess it all comes down to the same question and the same answer.

Also, it’s all about balancing, there’s no easy way or perfect solution.
You can’t define life, but you can help other people and be a bit more empathic with their life.

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