why arguing will rob you of life

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a harsh argument with a friend?

How did you feel? Did you get that drain of energy once it was over? or did you continue thinking about it if you paused it for a second?

I think about arguing, a lot.
I mean… we as human tend to argue and the reason behind this for some people is that we just want to prove our point.
Why we feel this need is often a mystery, respect, honor, power, whatever. Doesn’t really matter since the consequences of this are much worse than the act itself.

While you argue you feel powerful. Energy is flowing into your body, you wake up if you were sleepy and you start debating with an enormous energy.

Once the argument is over, much like an orgasm for  a man, you are drained of all that energy, you feel exhausted.

That energy, that time, where did it go?
Did we used it for a greater good? Or was it just some selfish need?

I, sadly, think we mostly follow selfish needs in this case.
That’s why every moment you spend arguing it will rob your life forever.

I don’t have a solution to this, aside from advising to be more modest, more timid, more human.
To respect other views and accept that people have different opinions.
And accept that, for some unknown reasons, we might be wrong even though we are absolutely sure we are right, and that the path to discovering this is much worse than accepting a dissenting opinion.

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