1% every day

Today I started a new journey towards a small side project, one that could really change many parts of my life.

I might fail badly, but it will be an experience that’s worth the try.
When I think about it I always recall that old advice: “just improve 1% every day, and by the end of the year you’ll be rich”.

Improving by such a small percentage sounds like a silly thing to do, we are all fascinated by 2 decimal numbers, or even more, but behind those numbers there’s always a different story, a story we might not even be part of.

The story of big organizations with big money, the story of one person’s luck, or the story of an excellent skill set.

That said, I believe in the common ones, the normal people, the one that aren’t special.
I believe that any of them (of us), has a possibility in this world, to do things worth seeing.

We have been told to search for the geniuses, because they are such a good story to tell, what nobody tells us is to look for the common ones, the rich that aren’t on newspapers, the great minds no one has ever heard of.

For the common ones talking about 1% improvement is not a big deal, but over a year, even for them, it might make the difference between success and failure.

I wish you a 1% better day every day, I wish you to do the same with yourself, improve every single day by a small fraction, so you’ll always be better.

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