mindfulness and the joy of living

I often think about the “things we do too fast”.
Like eating for example.

How many times did I ate something without tasting it? Too fast to understand its flavour, too fast to perceive its consistency?
Too many.
Two days ago the same thing happened to one of my friends and yesterday while I was preparing dinner, I was strangely present.
My mind didn’t have many thoughts and I was just enjoying the slow progression of actions of preparing dinner.

It was beautiful, but there wasn’t any specific beauty to it.
That clearness of thought, that concentration was the beauty itself.

So, today I realized that many things we experience in life might seem bad or not-worth-it just because our behavior towards them is uninterested.

We don’t pay attention, we move too fast to grasp the essence of every action we do.
It is strange, almost foolish, to think that in such small actions like cooking, reading, moving around the house or whatever you have in mind, is hidden some kind of happiness.
But, nonetheless, I must admit that it’s there, and until you experience this it’s impossible to explain.

This is why I think meditation and mindfulness are so important.

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