we all have the impostor syndrome (and it sucks)

If you don’t know what the impostor syndrome is, well, check it out on wikipedia, but in any case the Impostor syndrome can be summarized by the fact that you can’t internalize accomplishment.

“I am not worthy of this” Is probably the phrase your mind uses.

As always, shit happens, and we feel impostor even though we fought for this accomplishment, even if you sacrificed for this accomplishment.

Lately I rediscovered this sensation, to have stole something that shouldn’t belong to me.
I then started writing this article, as I always do, trying to put on “paper” my thoughts.
One thing that was clear after the few lines is that I sacrificed, I fought.
I can recall all the items defining the base of this result that I know have, and all the effects, positive and negative.

This hasn’t removed the impostor syndrome from my mind, I know it doesn’t happen overnight, but it led me to understand that we have some tools up our sleeve that we can use, and recalling the things we sacrificed is one of them.

Not every success come easy.
Life is beautifully complex and so are its results.
Therefore you can find examples of the difficulties you found down the road to your success, you can list them.

That list will be your passport to the so called freedom from this syndrome.
It will be a small start, but the fact that you can prove to yourself that you’re innocent is one of the greatest gifts you could ever have from yourself.
Accept it.

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