it’s worth sharing trouble, just don’t share the complaint

We got what we deserve, let’s admit it.
Every single time we either don’t share our struggle, our problem, or we share a complaint, we complain because we just want to be listened.

And in those dark, deep moments where everything goes wrong we don’t realize that what we really need is help, not listening.

Listening is nice, it lets you feel part of something, but if we are in the shit, why in the world listening would be better than some real help?
Also, how can we expect to get help if all we care about is sharing the complaint not the problem?

The more I go forward the more it’s clear to me that removing ego and our(my) egoistic nature is part of improving.

Accepting our ignorance, our ability to need help, our vulnerability, is part of something we all should strive for.

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