don’t quit too soon

A friend of mine told me to don’t quit, some weeks ago.
Only now I realized that I was so eager to change plans, to adapt to the new world, to be sure to not fail.

Without listening to my intuition.

If I saw something, it was because of my intuition, if I reached my goals, it was because of intuition, skill and perseverance.
I don’t know if this thing about quitting is partly caused by my work.
As a web developer I am used to find the bug, fix it so I’m naturally inclined to think fast about fixing things.

But then again, the thought at the beginning stroke a chord within me.
“to be sure to not fail“.
That’s why we quit.

We quit because we fear failure so much we’d gladly avoid it. I’m no exception in this.
Yes, my work might have guided me towards fixing but the fear is still there.
We don’t want to fail, to be saw as failure, humans that can’t accomplish, but in the real life it’s also thanks to failure that we, as humans, grew and learned.

That failure let us understand what would happen if we took a route instead of another.
And the worst thing is… failure comes in the same journey as success.

If you quit you give up on failure, but also on success.

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