what they rob you of, what they can’t steal

Today my parents discovered that someone entered their house and rob them of some valuables.

It’s sad, deeply sad. It makes fear grow into your mind, asking question like “am I safe?”
No one is safe after all, looking at the Tianjin explosion and the crater it left, the answer is even more obvious.

We live in an unsafe world, built upon safe foundations.
It has always been like this, maybe we’re not realizing it, but many things have shifted and we should feel lucky to be worried about robbing, and not life itself.

In many places in the world, right now, many people are fighting for their lives, and we the “civilized world” worries about robbing.

This is not to say that robbing is something we shouldn’t care of, it’s a serious problem and we must take it into consideration and at the same time compare it to the rest of the world.

Aside from this, what solutions do we have?
To live a replicable life, to build assets that can sustain us in case of failure so that, although robbing is a sad thing, we won’t lose our smile.

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