keep it up until you’ve finished

Sometimes it might feel that the world is not helping you with the work you do.
It’s so big, so never-ending that you even wonder if you can polish it enough, because it’s never “enough”.

If the project should have an ending, than it’s ok to create a progression that leads to the normal conclusion.
Ideally the progression should have small, completable steps that you can handle with no worries, avoiding the “big releases” that scares everyone.

Then you resist until you’ve finished.
There’s no easy way out, you keep it up, you stay in the game and show up, until the end.
Even if it rains, even if you don’t want, and you should also resist to the temptation to slack a bit, unless you’re about to go in burnout mode.

That’s my recipe. And I’m not perfect because I have obviously gone against these rules many times, but writing them helps me creating a sort of “rule book”. Not something to live by, but something I trust and try to follow at my best.

I am not passionate about rules, but right here I’m more inclined to say that these are just some “ways of life”, some takes on how to approach things.
Some might be good, some might not be, but that’s part of the game.

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