is there an actionable part in the news?

We all watch tv news, to know what’s happening, right?
Or we read newspapers, web news, whatever.

More often than not these things are really interesting, they’re nice and make you want to read more, that’s their format.
The thing I ask to myself is this: Are those actionable informations?

I wondered why are we so interested in receiving news, and personally I can identify myself with the need to be update with what’s happening.
To be in the loop.

Much like the FOMO (fear of missing out) that Facebook somewhat created, this need for being updated is similar.
I find this need visceral, somewhat coming from an unknown part of me.

Thinking about it I realize that much of the information I receive isn’t actionable. The only action the information can give us if we are in danger, other than that even the political information is just useful for having an opinion, although you could also conclude that it would be way better to just consider the claim vs the reality after 5 years of a politician.

Well, of course this information could be actionable if we plan to do a parade about rights or equality, but I find these things even less common nowadays.

So, the question I’m left with is this:
Is it worth listening/reading the news? I’m puzzled.

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