discover nature

I use my smartphone a lot, maybe even more that’s necessary.
In the past I also installed some apps to track the overall time I used it and discovered it was way too much (2 hours? come on!).
When I realized how  much time I spent on a smartphone I instantly reduced it, and found out that when I used it less, I felt better.

Much better.

Now I’m in a house with a big green garden in front of it, the silence around it and only some car passing by.
It’s amazing.
It makes me think about how much we owe to nature and how much nature can give back to us.
Relaxing, beautiful, intense. Nature is a key element to our lives.

Still, the more we become technologically evolved, the less we feel the urge to reconnect with nature.
Not in a zen way, just in a relaxed -no goals- way.
Stay in nature for the sake of it.

I remember friends talking about studies that stated how hugging trees was beneficial to humans.
Maybe this is it, maybe we just need to reconnect, to rediscover nature again, to breath, feel the wind and enjoy the green.

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