can we survive the voice in our head and stay outside the beaten path?

I was sure that anyone in this world had a price.
I mean that price. The price of submission, of acceptance, of corruption.

I was sure that we all had a price tag somewhere in our clothes that we didn’t see and it was our price.
The price to close an eye, the price to ignore something or stay put.

In some ways, I still believe this, but I came to realize that there’s a lot of shit that may happen.
While it might be true that we all have a break point, it’s not necessarily true that we have a predefined price tag.

Why on heart would anyone be dishonest?
Greed, maybe.
Aside from greed I guess there’s poverty, there’s weakness, there’s fear.
There’s the downside of being a weak human, not because we were born this way, but because we accepted many compromises through our life.

Each compromise made it easier to accept a worst thing, and so on.
Together with the fact that we are weak, that we always feel the need to succeed without effort, that we would like to avoid problems and live a peaceful life, together with this, it’s quite easy to imaging why someone could be dishonest.

What would you do if, by just staying silent, you would get a raise? (Even though you don’t deserve it?) I mean a big raise, something that would change your life.

You might choose to not accept it, but I guess the thought would cross your mind anyway, right?
It’s that moment, the one when we decide that we are better, that changes everything.

Also… it’s hard. Really.
We don’t have a script, we don’t know which choice will be the right one and so on.

I don’t think people are evil, but I think people can be weak.
In every single person of this world there is a voice that tells you “Accept the raise, it’s fastest, you suffered a lot, you deserve it” even though you know you don’t deserve it.
That voice is part of our struggle to be better humans, is part of our journey to learn how to live in this world.

And while many people will choose the fast solution, I will still think that the slow one (not accepting the raise) is the best for me.
Even though I’m always battled, even though my mind keeps saying “Accept it”.

Writing this reminded me of Gollum in the Lord of the Rings.
We are all like Gollum and Frodo.
Which one we become, is up to us.

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