forgetting is a sign

When you start forgetting things it means they lost the appeal or you lost the will.

Which one I can’t say, but for me, yes… I forgot one thing, and that thing is to write constantly.
With the arrival of september many things have changed and writing was put down by the rest of my life and by me.

It’s so strange because I have been able to write all days in august and now I can’t write all days in september.
Theoretically, if you do it once, you can do it twice.
That’s true, and there’s also another side to this story: doing it the second time requires enjoyment and dedication.

While I enjoy this type of work, my dedication is lacking, mostly because (honestly) I still don’t live it like a necessity, it is more like an add-on to my life although it has helped me in so many things.

Writing every day changes your perspectives. Let’s try again 🙂

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