why we should let others show off

Am I the only one having the impression that we have to show off in order to succeed?

This, at least, was something I was so sure of.
nobody will understand your value unless you let them see it right?

That’s what every self-help book is trying to convey through words and what many people are trying to put in practice.
Sounds reasonable, but have you thought about the possibility to let others show off?

Yes, empower other people of the honor and responsibility to show off their skills, to take credit, to be on the stage?
In the early stages we all wanted that stage, be in front of the lights or in front of the right people with a great accomplishment just completed.

This is so much related to the fact that we are too much ego-centric that we forget a simple fact: we are humans.
Taking the ego out of our actions is the best thing we could ever do in our life.

So, while evaluating every options today I’m considering this.
Let other people show off.

Empower them, even help them to do it, because they need it and you need the ability to not feel that urge.
We don’t need to show off to be great, because greatness isn’t made from success only, it is made by character and behavior.
Greatness comes from how you react, how you lead, how you build and it isn’t something you do in one day.

It’s the result of sacrifices, of day after day.
It doesn’t take a genius to understand that if you only care about showing off you’re not gonna do a lot in your life, because when greatness comes is about changing other people lives, not yours.

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