the things we own

how many things do you own?
If you were to fill a backpack with what you own that matters, what would you carry with you?

I ask this question myself a lot, and part of my actual lifestyle revolves around owning less, not because of a zen-principle but both from a performance and usability point of view.

When you choose to reduce the number of things you own, each of them must have higher standards of quality, durability, effectiveness.
They must solve problems, be adaptable, be useful and help you in the daily life.

You can’t buy something because you “like it”, aesthetic is one of the variables of this equation and cannot be considered the most important.

Reducing the things has also an interesting side effect, because it also reduces the number of choice you made.
Obama has a set of identical suits, he wear the same style everyday.
By doing that he removes the cognitive work he needs to choose what he want to wear.
Sounds creepy? Too nerdish? We are still talking about the president of the united states.
What about the creator of Facebook?
Same thing.
Steve jobs?
Same thing.

While I wouldn’t advice going all this way it’s a nice reminder that we spend time deciding what to own and what to take with us every single day.
Many of the things we buy aren’t special, they’re likable, but not special.

Owning less puts you into the perspective of “best”.
You need the best for you.

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