newspapers and the absence of context

Few days ago I was in a bar and my eyes checked out the newspaper headlines of a local newspaper in the bar.

I started reading a few lines
“Sales date settled, it will be the 6th”
“The city of Anghiari recovers from the heavy rain”
etc etc.

It took me a while to notice that the headlines presented were of december 2010.
The newspaper was celebrating its 30 years in business and it displayed on one page some of the old cover pages of the old times.

Then I realized that newspaper both have and don’t have a context.
They don’t have a context because their context is strictly time related, the work in the absolute present, in the now.
Therefore, if you read the headline
“Sales date settled, it will be the 6th”
You would know which six because you are reading a contextually time-based piece.

But if you take the headline out of the newspaper, you’ll wonder “6th of which month?”
The same can be applied to any headline of newspaper since they are so closely linked to time.

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