we are all wrong

We fail, we try and we try again.

We think we might have the right words at the right time but we fail.

We think we have the right answer, but we fail.

Well, we don’t fail that much, but we fail often enough.
Sometimes though we don’t remember that failing is common, we are not perfect, we are a continuous evolution, we constantly learn through trial an error, through successes.

We are often not humble enough to be humble.
Guess what? The world humble doesn’t transform us in humble people.

Being humble means listening and understanding, it means to not have ego.
And so we fail again.

The good news? We can learn, we can wait a second more before talking, we can try to be honest without trying to be false-humble and without being arrogant.
We can show our weaknesses without worry because once we know how to do it it’s a sane thing to do.

PS: yesterday I failed to write..

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