the best things are the first ones you do

While recently listening to “Daily Rituals” (a book about… guess what? The rituals of great minds), I started to think about what we do.

In these days I’m trying to help a group of friends stick to their goals and move forward.
It’s hard, not only because everyone is different but also because we tend to procrastinate.

I already talked about procrastination and how it’s not a bad thing but when you can’t break-up an habit, it’s hard not to procrastinate.

If you have always left the work that might change your life for last, how can you expect to change something if you don’t break up some of your old rules?

This has got me thinking, is there a perfect time for doing things?
My answer is yes, and that time is “Morning”.

Why morning?
A few points

  • you’re full of energy
  • your mind is clearer
  • you don’t have any other lingering thought in your mind
  • it’s harder to “not have time” because, you know… you have a full day

This has led me to the conclusion that not only morning is the perfect time for habits, but also the perfect time for the best things we could do.

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